Our Mission Statement

The Mid-Michigan Sleep Center is an accredited center providing quality sleep diagnostic procedures to patients from infancy to old age. We proudly serve as a resource for awareness of sleep disorders in the community and operate as a forum for the continuous medical education of professionals treating sleep disorders.


This Mid-Michigan Sleep Center will seek to achieve the following goals:

·      Provide quality sleep studies that meet or exceed the standards as outlined by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

·      Provide quality patient care in a pleasant environment to achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

·      Provide timely, complete, and accurate reports based on diagnostic studies performed at the Sleep Center.

·      Perform community outreach programs to educate the public and professionals in the prevalence, significance, and therapeutic alternatives in          treating sleep disorders.

·      Provide a mechanism for sleep professional input in the organization and functionality of the Sleep Center as part of a continuous quality      

·      Provide cost-effective, quality sleep services to this community.