The Mid-Michigan Sleep Center offers a variety of services to diagnose and treat sleep disorders of all shapes and sizes in people of all ages, ranging from infants to the elderly. Our team of professionals is committed to providing the highest level of care available with unmatched customer service. If you’ve ever wondered if a sleep study or sleep treatment could benefit you or your family, call or stop by Mid-Michigan Sleep Center today to learn more and make an appointment. Our sleep experts will work closely with you to diagnose and resolve your condition.

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You may be surprised just how greatly the results of a sleep study can impact your quality of life, and completing one is comparable to spending the night in a comfortable hotel. During a sleep study, your sleep patterns are monitored by equipment connected to you via painless, stick-on electrode patches. Data, like electrical activity of the brain, breathing, heart rate, and muscle tone, are then scored and reviewed to develop your personalized treatment plan.


Many people are unaware of how common sleep disorders truly are. Roughly 70 million Americans suffer from more than 70 types of sleep disorders, but thousands go untreated or misdiagnosed everyday. An untreated sleep disorder can drastically affect your quality of life by putting you at a greater risk for illness, reducing your daytime productivity, increasing your risk of accidents, and even resulting in a shorter lifespan.


Due to the number of sleep disorders, sleep treatments vary condition-to-condition and person-to-person. Our dedicated team is committed to working tirelessly with you to find the best possible solution for your sleeping issues as quickly as possible so that you’ll be on your way to a good night’s sleep sooner.